Special Clients

Special Clients

The ultimate Management Company
for Special Clients

Through its vast experience in the commercial world of sport, 4SPORTS is a centre of excellence in sports marketing, enabling it to provide the most comprehensive commercial representation for its clients. Our goal with each of our clients is to fully understand their individual needs and objectives to ensure that we deliver meaningful and long lasting partnerships to them. The same applies to any company seeking an association with a ski professional – we take the time to understand the objectives of the company to ensure the right fit for the right professional.

The 4SPORTS Ski Division is putting the needs of its clients at the forefront of its service to ensure a personal and dedicated relationship is achieved. The athletes management service offered by 4SPORTS incorporates:

  • Administration Services, Fan Mail & Business Correspondence
  • Sponsorship & Endorsement Negotiaion/Liaison
  • Charitable Involvement
  • Media Profiling & PR
  • Financial Management & Legal Counsel

An ambassador partnership can incorporate any of the following in creating the desired package for your needs:

  • Career Management
  • Media Profiling & PR
  • Tour Relationships Tournament Entries
  • Fan Mail & Business Correspondence
  • Financial Management