The ultimate Management Company
for Hockey Players

4SPORTS is the world’s leading hockey agency. Founded and headquartered in Switzerland, the company has grown to operate in every major hockey market in Europe and North America. With offices around the globe, 4SPORTS is able to provide its industry leading training, development and business management services to its clients wherever they play.

Training And Development

Athletic achievement is all about commitment. Commitment to hard work and deliberate practice. To enhance its clients’ chances of achieving their greatest possibilities, 4SPORTS has developed an industry first, year round training, development and personal coaching program. The program starts with pre-season goal setting that aligns players’ and coaches’ objectives and improves player/coach communication. Personal coaching helps maintain a consistent level of performance throughout the season. To maximize each player’s growth and development during each off season, players, their coaches and the 4SPORTS' personal coaching team complete a comprehensive post season player evaluation that leads to the development of individual summer training programs overseen by 4SPORTS’ team of specialized skill coaches and evaluated at 4SPORTS summer camps.

Business Management Services

Being a professional hockey player is big business. Business in North America especially that requires a team of professionals available to address the needs of every successful professional athlete. To assist players make an effective transition from abroad or from amateur to professional hockey to professional teams in North America and focus on the things that have led to their athletic accomplishments, 4SPORTS and its partners have developed a personal concierge and business management program that takes care of all of the day to day business lifestyle challenges players face as they travel to play in cities all over the world, return to their native countries in the off season and move from team to team throughout their careers. 4SPORTS unique personal concierge services focus on helping players take care of all the little issues that arise day to day off the ice so its clients can focus on the big things that are at the foundation of their long term professional accomplishments.

Our Philosophy

Being a company started by athletes and built by athletes based on Swiss values and Swiss quality, 4sports’ philosophy is to ensure players have the resources they need, on and off the ice, to accomplish their goals. To be an active partner in each client’s development. To guide, direct and improve every player’s chance of achieving their potential. To give them an edge no other agency can. To give them a better chance to succeed because of 4sports commitment to its clients. Because, in the end…..

                                                                                …..”its all about commitment.”